Changes to Pennsylvania Hunting Regulations

We love a long hunting season here at Tioga Boar Hunting. Any time we get an extra chance to take to the wilderness and track live game, we feel our pulse start to rush. Recently, we’ve just heard some exciting news about the possibility of even more time to hunt deer in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been hearing opinions on whether or not the state’s deer hunting season should be extended to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Traditionally, the following Monday has been the official start to the annual hunting season. This would give hunters more time to lower deer populations, which have been harming farm produce in regions across the state.

Hunters are always happy to have more time in the field. However, the rush of changes to hunting regulations in the state over the past few years have been troublesome for many hunters to keep up with, according to this article published by The traditional nature of Pennsylvania hunting has rapidly altered, evidenced by the lower number of schools that close for the first day of the hunting season.

Many schools do close for Black Friday, however, and some believe that the schedule change could help the younger generation gain a better appreciation for hunting. The state has already held a preliminary vote about the 2014-15 hunting season, but a final vote in April will occur after a public comment period during which state residents can file comments with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The rules surrounding hunting have been changing swiftly in our state. Many woodsmen have found it difficult to get a great grasp on the current situation regarding hunting laws. For anyone who needs a close explanation of recent changes, whether you’re a state resident or coming from across state lines, give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain what we know.