Distance and Distance: Preparing to Bow Hunt Big Game

Big game hunts are a dream for many sportsmen, but turning the dream into a successful hunt involves a lot more than just saving the money and planning for the time away from work. A successful big game hunt also involves preparation and doubling down on distance. That is to say that you need to… Read more »

Changes to Pennsylvania Hunting

Given the rush and the thrill of Fourth of July weekend and the end of June, you might have missed some of the changes made to Pennsylvania hunting in the last few days, but changes have indeed been made and more tweaks are expected in the following weeks. One change involves smaller game and children… Read more »

Conservation and Recreation Funding

Hunting and conservation can’t just happen out of thin air, meaning that they need money and government funding to sustain themselves. Thankfully, Pennsylvania will be receiving a nice chunk of money for fish and wildlife conservation and recreation projects this year, to the tune of $38 million dollars! This is all through the U.S. Fish… Read more »

The past Two Hunting Seasons in Pennsylvania Have Been the Safest on Record

Let’s face it – hunting can be dangerous. Although we all take the correct precautions and prepare accordingly, accidents are an unfortunate part of what we do, but according to recent statistics, the past two hunting seasons in Pennsylvania have been the safest on record! According to this Lancasteronline.com article, “For only the second time… Read more »

Beginner Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

We encourage everyone to try hunting, at least once. Even if you have little to no experience, as long as you receive the proper training and head out with people who know what they’re doing, you should be fine. That being said, there are a few common mistakes that novice hunters tend to make. We’re… Read more »

How to Hunt Your First Boar

Whether you’ve never gone boar hunting or you’ve tried a few times and never caught anything, we’re here to help. Boar hunting can be one of the most fun and exciting experiences you will ever have, but it can become frustrating when you fail to hit, or even spot a boar. Take advantage of the… Read more »

In 2015, Make the Most out of Your Hunting Trips

Leaving your stand in the same position year after year is a surefire way to not only get bored, but to assure that you’re just not making the most of your hunting season. The beginning of the season is dedicated to deer feeding, but toward the end of the season, a deer’s attention is bound… Read more »

How to Improve Your Hunting in 2015

Having the right gear and locating a target is only half the battle when it comes to hunting. Whether you are tracking boar, deer, duck, or any other type of game, you need to have the right skills to take one home. At Tioga Boar Hunting, we’re here to help you improve your shot and… Read more »

The Hidden Benefits of Hunting

Most people hunt so they can bring home a nice looking trophy or meat for a delicious meal, but did you know that hunting brings several additional benefits to people, animals, and even the economy? Yes, in fact hunters and fishers combine to spend more than 100 billion dollars on the activity every single year…. Read more »

Brush up on Your Hunting Techniques

Whether you have been hunting deer for decades or you have yet to seize your first buck, it is always a good idea to take some time to brush up on your hunting techniques. Even the most elusive deer can be caught when you hunt carefully, and we’re here to provide you with a few… Read more »