Distance and Distance: Preparing to Bow Hunt Big Game

Big game hunts are a dream for many sportsmen, but turning the dream into a successful hunt involves a lot more than just saving the money and planning for the time away from work. A successful big game hunt also involves preparation and doubling down on distance. That is to say that you need to not only be ready to take a long-distance shot, but able to cover a lot of distance on the ground through rough or rugged terrain.


Cardio conditioning is not just something your doctor tells you is a good idea, but is also something that is essential in preparing for a big game hunt. Hunting often involves miles of hiking across steep and uneven terrain, sometimes in less-than-ideal conditions. Deer hunting from a tree stand may involve a moderate hike to the stand followed by hours of waiting. Preparing for a big game hunt, on the other hand, may well involve a lot of traveling to find the game and then a lot more hiking as you track and stalk the animal, especially if your first shot did not drop it immediately.

For many hunters, the difference between a successful big game hunt and a disappointing hunt comes down to physical conditioning. Regular hiking in the mountains, spending time at the gym using a stair climber, or even mountain biking can provide the cardio conditioning necessary to allow a hunter to go the distance on a big game hunt, suggests Outdoor Life.


Big game bow hunting also often requires being able to shoot accurately at a greater distance than many hunters are accustomed to shooting. Practicing long-distance shots until you are able to consistently hit a small target can make the difference between bagging an elk or other large animal and going home with a story about that missed shot.

Using targets at home can help you hone in. Set up a target at a range you know you can consistently hit, and then start moving it progressively further and further back as you become more and more accurate with your aim. Repeat this process on several different days and in different conditions as well. Windy days will require more adjustment in your shot, and cloudy versus sunny skies can make sighting conditions variable. Don’t forget – in the field, you’ll often only have a few seconds to spot your prey and line up your shot, so you want to make sure it counts!

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