Fight Back Against These Hunting Falsehoods

Not everyone likes hunting or endorses the killing of animals, that’s for sure. If you’re a hunter, you know this. If you’re not a hunter, you might be the person who criticizes a hunter friend or family member because you believe certain things about hunting. Keep in mind, though, that people against hunting often believe certain hunting myths that aren’t true. What are some of those myths?


First, there’s the myth that human hunters have an unfair advantage because they’re human and have guns or bows and arrows and animals are “defenseless.” Well, in reality, keep in mind that there are predators out there besides human hunters. And they hunt their prey daily. Meanwhile, animals aren’t necessarily defenseless. Some have developed their eyesight, hearing and smell in order to avoid hunters of any kind– be it animal or man.

Love of Animals

Next, there’s the myth that hunters don’t like animals. The argument would be, “If they love animals, how could they shoot (and eat) them?” Our ancestors in the past didn’t have time to worry about an animal’s feelings or emotions. They killed them in order to eat them in order to survive. Today, hunters do what our ancestors did, and that doesn’t mean they don’t like animals– they’re doing what they do to feed their families.

Not Just Violence

Thirdly, some people assume hunting is all about violence. The myth is that hunters are violent people with sick minds. Maybe they’re watching horror movies, which aren’t true-to-life. The media heightens things. Real-life hunters, however, tend to actually limit violence and pain. They try to be ethical and treat animals respectfully.


Finally, what about the myth that hunters and poachers are one in the same? It’s not true. Poachers aren’t hunters– they’re criminals doing bad and illegal things to animals.

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