From Top to Bottom, Pennsylvania is Excellent at Wildlife Management

Now that the shutdown is finally over, October hunting can finally begin for many Americans who were forced to put trips on hold. It is an exciting time, to say the least, as October is typically a bustling month for hunters all across the country. The shutdown has only added to the buildup, creating a fervent atmosphere for hunting.

The thrill is in the air and clamor in the heart. Pennsylvania is no different, with many Americans traveling to the Keystone State to live out their hunting dreams. All eyes are on the Pennsylvania wildlife scene – from the fields and forests where hunters roam to the offices where wildlife laws are made.

Earlier this month, a Game Commission bureau director was recently awarded with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Special Recognition Award for 2013. Calvin W. DuBrock is the head of the Game Commission’s Bureau of Wildlife Management and is noted for his leadership, skills and commitment, adept at communicating with hunters, sportsmen’s groups, lawmakers etc. in order to improve the management of wildlife diversity, conservation efforts, funding and much, much more. The award is proof that Pennsylvania runs one of the best wildlife management systems in the entire country, from top to bottom.

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