How to Become a Better Archery Hunter

If you were lucky, at some time in your young life you have the chance to practice archery at summer camp or as part of a school gym class. Or perhaps you had an adult “show you the ropes.” Well, for many hunters, whether young or old, it’s a worthy challenge to become a good (or better) archery hunter. How can you do that?

Practice, Practice, Practice

During the offseason, you can use your time to practice. Now most hunters do so in street clothes in very artificial environments, and while that’s okay, it’s not ideal. Instead, take the time to practice in real life (outdoor) places, perhaps from a treestand in the woods or on the open plains. Keep in mind that shots taken in the wilderness aren’t usually like the ones you practice in your backyard or at an indoor range. So, if you want to become a better archery hunter, practice in the wilderness whenever possible.

Use a Timer

Here’s another idea to improve your shots: practice with a timer. When hunting in the real world, you’re likely to have a very short amount of time to execute a good shot. So, when practicing, use a timer and set a window of time to help improve your speed and accuracy. When doing so, pay attention to your form and your release. Also, if possible, practice while your adrenaline is “up,” because in real-life situations, that’s how it would be– your heart would be pumping fast! So, try and mimic that when practicing shots. You can get your heart rate up by doing jumping jacks and push-ups. You can even practice when you’re feeling physically exhausted, which may sound odd, but, realistically, this may be exactly how you feel on days when you’re actually on the hunt.

Wear What You’ll Wear On Your Hunt

Oftentimes, people practice without wearing all of their gear they’d actually wear when hunting at a place like Tioga Boar Ranch. Once in a while, why not practice while wearing all of your gear? Anything you can do to mimic “real life situations,” do them, as long as you’re safe.