How to Ensure You Can Properly Mount Your Trophy After a Big Game Hunt

Your most recent hunting trip was a huge success. You got to spend some time enjoying the outdoors. You did it while surrounded by several good friends. And at the end of it all, you bagged the big game you were going after. Now, you want to make sure you remember it forever by mounting the animal you caught. Here are some tips to ensure mounting quality after your hunt.

Be extremely careful when handling the animal.

After you bring down an animal, you’ll be responsible for getting it back to your campsite. Avoid dragging the animal’s body across the ground or doing anything that could cause damage to it. Your goal should be to keep the animal in the best condition possible, considering the circumstances. That will give you the best chance to mount it later.

Clean blood from the animal’s body and hair as soon as possible.

The animal you bagged will likely have a large amount of blood on it at the end of your hunt. Do your best to remove as much of the excess blood from it as you can. That means wiping down its carcass as well as its hair to remove blood. Ideally, you should clean the blood away before its able to dry and cause additional issues.

Bring your animal to a professional taxidermist.

Taxidermists specializes in mounting deer, boars, turkeys, and any other animals you might encounter during a hunt. Have a good taxidermist in mind before you begin hunting so that you can bring them your trophy as quickly as possible of you have a successful trip. It’ll improve mounting quality in the end.

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