How You Can Become a Better Hunter

How can you become a better hunter? Hunting is like anything– it takes practice and skill and knowledge.

Finding Time to Honing Your Craft

When’s the last time you hunted? If it has “been a while,” then work on blocking days on your calendar for hunting purposes just so you dedicate more of your time to it. For instance, say you hunt once a year. Why not make that three times a year, instead? Or if hunting season comes along and you go three times a month, make it five times a month this year. The more time spent out on the land hunting, the better you’ll get because you’re actively doing it.

Proper Skill Technique

Next, there’s skill involved in hunting. Have you ever had someone teach you things, like how to hold the rifle properly, how to track animals through the forest, or how to shoot a bow and arrow? Whenever you’re not actually hunting, set aside time in your month to do some research. Learn new things about hunting. Talk to old timers and ask their advice. Visit stores and see what the “latest and greatest” offerings are… and even watch online videos for tips, tricks and advice.

Knowledge Accumulation

How about knowledge? The more you know the better hunter you can be. Book/video learning is good. Practical experience is good. A combination of those two? That’s the ticket. Ideally, you’ll want to find someone whom you can trust and enjoy spending time with– someone smarter than you when it comes to hunting– and learn from them. Hunting with an experienced guide (Tioga Boar Hunting Ranch offers this service) is the ideal way to do this– you’re paying them to mentor you and guide you, and that’s going to boost your knowledge about hunting as he or she tells you stuff you never even considered before.

Staying Up to Date on Rules and Trends

Finally, it’s important to know the rules and regulations before you hunt. And if it has been a while since you paid attention to what the government is saying you can and can’t do, this year it’s time to take a refresher course and/or brush up on rules and regulations. Indeed, you might consider taking some local classes or attending seminars to know what’s “new” in the world of hunting.