Hunting is a Great Source of Vitamin D

Man posing with hunted fallow deer

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time indoors under artificial lights. You probably spend quite a bit of time staring at screens, too, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, computer or TV screen. Such is modern life for most people! That said, we humans need to get some sun once in a while. It’s good for us.

Being Outdoors is Good for Your Health

When you go hunting, that’s an ideal way to spend some quality time outdoors, getting some sunshine! Did you know that for centuries the power of sunlight has been known to prevent infections, as well as heal illnesses and get rid of diseases? It’s no wonder, then, that so many Americans head to places like Florida in the winter, to get some much-needed sun during an otherwise cold and cloudy, fairly depressing winter season.

Lots of Son Exposure at Tioga Ranch!

Tioga Ranch is located in rural Pennsylvania, and when you hunt there, on hundreds of acres of land, you’ll likely get some good sun exposure during the course of your hunt. So what good is the sun? It actually triggers your body to produce endorphins, vasodilators and anti-inflammatories, which means you feel better! Meanwhile, your body gets Vitamin D thanks to sunlight, and this particular vitamin impacts your skeletal, cardiovascular, neurological and immune systems in a positive way. Getting some sun helps improve your mental health. It also protects against disease and optimizes physical performance.

Did you know Vitamin D is actually a hormone produced within the body? It’s produced in the skin when it’s activated by the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. The majority of the people on the planet are Vitamin D deficient. Therefore, it makes sense to get more sun as well as take supplements to improve one’s overall health. Oh, and it’s also a good idea to do more hunting– that way you do get more sun!

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