Hunting’s Important Role in Modern Society

Hunting plays an important role in modern society.


For starters, hunting helps support conservation efforts. The money collected from hunting licenses and fees, as well as tax money from the sale of firearms, ammo and archery equipment, goes toward the conservation of wildlife, helping protect wild animals and their natural habitats from being totally destroyed. Furthermore, that money also helps restore and/or enhance natural ecosystems.

Next, modern day hunters help with population control. If we didn’t have hunters, our cities might be overrun by wild animals! Hunters help maintain balance in ecosystems.

From an international perspective, hunters help prevent poaching, which is when people illegally hunt or catch animals on unlawful land or outside of their scheduled hunting season or species that are outlawed from hunting altogether. Hunters are the eyes and ears of the land, turning in poachers to game wardens and such.

Economic Vehicle

Also, hunters provide economic value to society as they spend their money on outdoor recreation. From renting cabins or hotel rooms, to buying special clothing and gear, hunters and those who love fishing spend more than $63 billion a year!

Critical Skill

Finally, in a volatile world where monetary currency could conceivably lose value and/or there could be a socio-economic collapse, hunters can source their own food, feeding themselves, their families and their communities if needed. If all the grocery stores close down for whatever reason, you’ll want to know a hunter!

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