It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Hunt

You’ll hear people tell you they went on their first hunt when they were just a little kid, and it was usually with their dad or uncle or grandpa. But what about those of us who’ve never gone hunting before, anywhere, with anyone? Is it ever too late to learn how to hunt?

It’s never too late. Just like people go back to college when they’re over 40, you could literally learn to hunt at any age.

What to Hunt

First, think about what you’d like to hunt and where you’d like to do so. If you want to hunt deer or boar, for instance, you can hunt them at Tioga Ranch in rural Pennsylvania.

Hunting Education

Next, take a course or two about hunting and safety and such. Learn how to handle a gun or firearm. Take tests and practice before you’re “doing it for real.” See if there’s someone in your life who’ll show you the ropes and guide you along the way. If not, you can always pay an instructor to be by your side, guiding you as a novice hunter.

Learn about hunting by reading, asking questions and talking with hunters. Pay attention to how animals act– study them!

Field Experience

Buy some hunting gear and get in the field “shadowing” others– “go along for the ride” as they say… you don’t have to shoot a gun on your first hunting trip, but you can watch and learn how the others do it while you’re in their presence.

Guided Hunts

Ideally, you should be able to get to the point where you’d feel fairly comfortable on a real hunt for yourself. You can do this with a couple of friends or family members, and/or go on a guided hunt at a place like Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania. It’s worth the try, no matter how old you are– just do it.