Nothing Boring About Boaring

Are you looking for an exciting new hunting experience? One of the best ways to find it is by booking a boar hunt with Tioga Boar Hunting, where we hunt boar all year round and every single day of the week. The boars that we have on our ranch are in a full range of sizes and colors, including black, dark red, gray, and more, providing unique trophies in addition to the immense challenge of tracking a boar down and hunting it on our ranch.

We offer several different boar hunts for those who wish to try boar hunting. The first one is perfect for those who want to score some great meat while boar hunting but don’t necessarily want to take a trophy home. The boars on this type of hunt will typically weigh less than 150 pounds, but will provide a bounty of meat. Our staff will help you locate and track your boar and after you take your animal, our staff can skin and butcher your meat and turn it into steaks, chops, ribs, sausage and whatever else you want. You will be blown away by just how much meat you can get from a single boar.

Our second boar hunt is tailored to those who want to walk away with something to show from their hunting experience at Tioga. Hunters on these trophy hunts will still get to keep their delicious boar meat, but have even more to enjoy. This hunt focuses on boars that weigh between 150 and 250 pounds with a specific emphasis on finding trophy-quality boars. This hunt has become our most popular among visitors because it challenges hunters to find the best-looking boar possible and provides tons of delicious meat, too.

Our final boar hunt is for those hunters who value size over everything else. Bigger is better, and at Tioga Ranch we have many boars that top 250 pounds – some are tip the scales at more than 500 pounds! These majestic creatures are out there just waiting for you to find them. Our guides will lead the way and show you how to do it while you focus on using your rifle, muzzle-loader, shotgun, pistol or even bow and arrow to hunt. It will truly be a hunting experience unlike anything you have everything taken part in before, and you’ll be able to take home a distinctive trophy to remember your incredible hunt.

Most of the boar hunts that we offer at Tioga Boar Hunting run for one or two days, and guests can book a stay right at the ranch in our hunting lodge that includes comfortable beds as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. So what are you waiting for? Come out and try boar hunting for yourself today! Call us at 570-835-5341 to learn more or to book your trip.