Pennsylvania Antlerless Deer Licenses


Here at Tioga Boar Hunting, we want to let our blog readers know about an intriguing new opportunity to hunt game here in the rural wilderness of Pennsylvania. If hunters in our state act quickly, they may be able to be licensed to track down and bring home antlerless deer.


As this article published by WPMT FOX43 discusses, the Pennsylvania Game Commission will offer a limited number of antlerless deer licenses for hunting adult does over the next few weeks. Although almost 60,000 fewer antlerless deer licenses will be available in this year compared to last, state hunters will have the leg up on non-residents for at least a couple of weeks.


Antlerless licenses first went on sale through the Pennsylvania Game Commission on July 14, and hunters are urged to apply quickly if they want to be considered. However, non-residents cannot apply for an antlerless license until July 28, giving in-state hunters two weeks to get their application in before others from outside of the state descend on our hunting grounds.


Although there are fewer antlerless licenses available this year through the game commission, fees haven’t been increased at all. However, the reduced number may hurt the abilities for hunters to access licensing services through a wildlife-management unit as hunters compete for a limited supply of hunting licenses. There are a few wildlife-management units (WMUs) which offer the same number of licenses as last year, and one WMU even increased its number, but the overall availability of these licenses have dropped somewhat, and hunters should be aware.


Hunting fees for an antlerless license for hunting does in Pennsylvania are only $6.70 this year for in-state hunters. Non-resident hunters will have to pay an inflated fee of $26.70 to hunt adult does within our state.


Tioga Boar Hunting is incredibly proud of the long tradition of hunting which is prevalent throughout the wild terrain of our state. If you want to learn more about the amazing big game hunting experiences our state has to offer, call us today to schedule a visit to our facility in Tioga, PA.