Show Off Your Trophy With Taxidermy

Hunting is a great American pastime. Unlike many other activities or interests, hunting connects us to the past, to the natural world – and it’s an activity that is often shared between generations. There are few things in life as exciting as a successful hunt, particularly when you manage to bag a trophy animal, and after a successful hunt, you may want to show off your prize with taxidermy.

Hunters have taken photos of game after a hunt for years. Digital photos now make it easier than ever to capture an important memory like a trophy hunt. A photo on a cellphone or even a photo print only goes just so far in showing off a trophy animal, though. The ultimate display of a trophy animal is achieved with taxidermy.

Finding a great taxidermist can be a challenge. That challenge is complicated all the more if you traveled a significant distance for the hunt or if you were hunting for exotic animals. Preserving and transporting the animal back home can be difficult, and locating a taxidermist who has the expertise and knowledge of mounting an exotic animal can be equally tough.

At Tioga Ranch, we make it easy to show off your trophy with taxidermy services offered on site. We have a great taxidermist here at the ranch who has years of experience with mounting and displaying exotic trophy game. Since quality taxidermy takes time, we offer flexible options for getting your trophy mount. Planning to come back next year for another exciting trophy hunt? We will hold your mount for you to pick up next year when you are here. Not sure yet if you are coming back next year? We can ship most mounts right to your home. We also provide the option of either a shoulder mount or our new European skull mount, which can be dipped in camouflage to provide a distinctive and unique look.

Learn more about our taxidermy packages or book your next trip to the range today by calling 570-835-5341.