The Differences Between Elk and Deer Hunting

From the outside looking in, you might assume that deer hunting and elk hunting are one and the same. Deer and elk don’t look all that different to some people, which is why they mistakenly believe that hunters must take the same approach to hunting them. However, in reality, deer hunting and elk hunting are quite different. Here are some of the ways in which deer hunting and elk hunting differ.

You need to hunt for them in different places.

Generally speaking, deer are known for browsing while elk are known for grazing. This means that you’ll often find them in different places. When you’re hunting for deer, you’ll usually track them down deep in forests or along the edges of habitats. But when you’re hunting for elk, you’re more likely to find them in open meadows and woodlands. Deer also tend to stay within an area comprised of a few square miles at most while elk can spread out over large areas containing up to 500 square miles.

You need to scout them in different ways.

When you’re hunting for deer, you’ll usually scout them by looking around for any droppings and tracks that you can find. You’ll take a similar approach with elk except that their droppings and tracks will be significantly larger since they’re much bigger than deer. You’ll also need to prepare to spend more time scouting elk because it can be harder trying to locate a herd of them. Elk hunters need to be more patient than those hunting for deer.

You need to prepare to store their meat in different size freezers.

If you’re lucky enough to bag an elk, you’re going to need a much bigger freezer to store its meat than you would if you were to bag a deer. Deer will usually yield somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pounds of meat or so, while elk can provide you with hundreds of pounds of meat at a time. There is also a lot more work that goes into harvesting meat from elk as opposed to deer.

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