Whitetail Deer Hunting Scouting Tips

At Tioga Ranch, you can hunt several animals including whitetail deer. What are some whitetail scouting tips?

Find the Right Cover

If you’re on the hunt for mature bucks, where might they be? Generally, mature bucks like to find the thickest (and nastiest) cover they can find. So, that means you want to hunt “unhuntable cover.” Walk the edges of overgrown clear-cuts as well as densely covered thickets. And you’ll want to go where they go for their food. Look for entry trails. When looking for daytime bedding sanctuaries, look for extra-large bedding imprints on the ground and oversized droppings. 

Disrupt the Daily Routine

Keep in mind that bucks generally have strict daily routines and travel routes. Just like humans, they want to stay out of harm’s way. They’ll follow the path of least resistance if and when they feel safe. Look for tree rub-lines to show you where bucks travel. If you want, look for scrape-lines, too, and put some scrape in a plastic bag, move it elsewhere, and see if it attracts deer! 

Hunt With a Guide

If you’re hunting at a place like Tioga Ranch, your guide should have a general idea of the paths deer take on the property. If you’re hunting elsewhere, you can ask people who live and work in the area (farmers, postal workers, bus drivers) when and where they’re likely to see deer. Word-of-mouth advice can help with your scouting, for sure. 

Whitetail deer hunts take place at Tioga Boar Ranch in rural PA from the end of August until November. Fully guided hunts last one or two days and hunters can choose to use bows or firearms for their hunts. Pennsylvania has plenty of deer, including many older, bigger-racked bucks. Why not plan your Tioga hunt by calling 570-835-5341 today?