Why Fallow Deer Hunting is a Memorable Experience

Would you like to hunt the same kind of deer that George Washington hunted during America’s earliest days? The former President was reportedly responsible for welcoming fallow deer into the country and for raising them on his land and hunting them. If you’re interested in hunting for fallow deer, you should take some time to learn about them first. Check out some cool facts about fallow deer below.

It’s unclear exactly where they come from.

Most people believe that fallow deer originated from the Mediterranean. But over the years, they have been transported to and sold in a bunch of different parts of the world. As a result, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the very first fallow deer came from. But these days, you can find them in many countries all across the globe.

They come in several different colors.

Fallow deer come in three main colors—white, chocolate, and spotted. This can make one fallow deer look completely different from another one. But no matter what color a fallow deer is, it will most likely stay that color for its entire life.

They have palmated antlers.

The antlers on fallow deer look a lot different than the antlers on other types of deer. This is because fallow deer have what are called palmated antlers. Their antlers can have up to 20 points on them.

They have excellent vision.

Fallow deer aren’t known for having a great sense of smell or a great sense of hearing. They do, however, have great vision that they can use to spot and stay away from predators. They also have half a dozen vocalizations that they’ll use in a variety of situations.

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