4 Reasons to Get Your Son or Daughter Involved in Hunting

Father and Daughter Hunting

More often than not, hunting is passed down from generation to generation. There are few things more precious than being able to share the things you love with your children, and this is especially true for a timeless tradition like hunting. With that in mind, if you’re thinking of reasons to take your son or… Read more »

How to Become a Better Whitetail Deer Hunter

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Few things are more exciting than going on a whitetail deer hunt. Nevertheless, like all things we endeavor in, we all strive to become the best hunters we can. So what can you do improve success rates the next time you go whitetail deer hunting? Be Aware of the Odor Your Emanating Too strong of… Read more »

Buffalo Hunts Are a Trip to Yesteryear

Buffalo Hunting in Tioga, PA

Open any history book, and there’s likely a picture of buffalo roaming opening fields as humans carefully hunt them and use each and every part of the animal for food, warmth, tools and other needs. Hunting buffalo provides a unique, nostalgic feeling that you may not get from hunting other game. After all, it’s hard… Read more »

The Advantages of Hunting Boar in the Summer

Boar Hunting

Certainly, when most people think about hunting, an image of chilly weather and fall foliage comes to mind. However, did you know you can enjoy boar hunting in Pennsylvania year-round, including under the beautiful sunshine in the warm summer months? Summer is a Great Opportunity for Boar Hunters Should you choose to book a  boar… Read more »

Hunting in Pennsylvania Has Never Been Safer

Hunting in Pennsylvania

It’s almost impossible to turn on the television, open the newspaper or hop online without seeing news that will make your heart sink thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, perhaps more so than ever, we need some good, uplifting news mixed in. Such good news came with a recent report that found hunting has never… Read more »

Spouses That Hunt Together Stay Together!

Hunting With Your Spouse

When you think about spending quality time with your spouse, you probably think about having dinner with them, watching a movie with them, or going bowling with them. Hunting with them might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many benefits that come from hunting with your spouse. Here are… Read more »

Beginner Tips for Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Big game hunting can be a little bit intimidating for those who have never done it before. The apprehension that you feel with regards to big game hunting might even cause you to drag your feet when it comes to actually doing it. However, once you get started, you’ll have the time of your life,… Read more »

Why Wild Boar is Better to Eat Than Commercially Raised Pigs

Wild Boar Meat

If you love eating pork, it’s simple enough to run down to the grocery store and buy it. There are commercially raised pigs being raised all across the country that supply the many supermarkets throughout the U.S. with pork. However, one thing that you might not realize is that it’s much better to eat meat… Read more »

The Benefits of Staying at a Lodge When Hunting For Boar

Boar Hunting

If you haven’t yet gone boar hunting, you should put it at or near the top of your hunting bucket list. Hunting for boar is an experience unlike any other and will help you broaden your horizons as a hunter. Consider staying at a lodge when you hunt for boar, too. Take a look at… Read more »

Ignore These Turkey Hunting Myths

Turkey Hunting Myths

If you haven’t had the opportunity to hunt turkeys before, it’s may be easy to fall for some of the myths surrounding turkey hunts. These myths could very well prevent you from having a successful turkey hunt the first time you go hunting for turkeys. It’s a good idea to learn about the different myths… Read more »