Give Dad the Memory of Guided Hunting Trip for Father’s Day

Are you trying to figure out what to get dad for Father’s Day? What are you thinking– another tie? Oh please, no. What about socks? Boring. Here’s a great idea: you two can do a guided hunt together at Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania, hunting boar, deer, elk, etc. Now that’s something that’ll impress dad– that… Read more »

What Some People Don’t Understand About Boar Hunting

How much do you really know about boar in the USA? There are some falsehoods out there that you might have heard. Don’t believe everything you hear. Overrun Populations For starters, there have been rumors circulating that some areas are “overrun” with wild boar. Some 40 states and even several Canadian provinces have reports that… Read more »

The Benefits of Taking an Elk Hunting Trip in Pennsylvania

If you enjoy hunting, there are lots of different animals that you can hunt for. Each one provides you with a unique challenge. Elk are sometimes overlooked by those planning a hunt, but there are so many benefits to hunting for elk in Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why hunting… Read more »

How to Become a More Skilled Whitetail Deer Hunter

Are you interested in whitetail deer hunting? If so, you probably want to become better at it. What are some things to think about in order to improve your chances of shooting and killing whitetails? Thinking Like Whitetail Deer A lot of hunters take the common strategy of ambush hunting whitetails, which involves ambushing the… Read more »

What Can You Do With Deer Antlers?

Tioga Ranch in rural Pennsylvania has hundreds of acres of hunting land where hunters come from near and far to hunt various deer and big game. When hunters do shoot and kill deer, they want something to show for it, right? Usually, that means they get the antlers to show off to their friends and… Read more »

Know These Things Before Boar Hunting

If you’re going to hunt boar, there are some things you should know before you actually hunt them. What are some interesting facts about boar that you may or may not know? Sweat Glands For starters, boar, aka hogs, don’t have sweat glands. Now you might wonder why this matters, but it does. Hogs will… Read more »

The Process of Finding a Hunting Rifle

Are you looking for a hunting rifle? Do some research before you buy one. You can read online articles and reviews, of course, but you can also visit gun shops and hold different models in your hands to get a proper feel for what’s available. See what feels good to you! Word of Mouth When… Read more »

Tips for Finding the Right Hunting Boots

Could you hunt in flip flops? Realistically, that would be a bad idea. You could do it, but it wouldn’t be smart. Most hunters wear hunting boots on their feet when they’re out on the land, hunting for the animals they want to shoot and kill. Hunting Boots Should Be Sturdy Yet Comfortable You need… Read more »

What Hunters Should Know About Frostbite

Tioga Boar Hunting is located in rural Pennsylvania, where the weather can be downright cold, especially in the winter months. Hunters who hunt in cold weather should know something about frostbite so they can avoid it. Things to Know About Frostbite What is frostbite? It’s an injury brought on by having your body exposed to… Read more »