Why Wild Boar is Better to Eat Than Commercially Raised Pigs

Wild Boar Meat

If you love eating pork, it’s simple enough to run down to the grocery store and buy it. There are commercially raised pigs being raised all across the country that supply the many supermarkets throughout the U.S. with pork. However, one thing that you might not realize is that it’s much better to eat meat… Read more »

The Benefits of Staying at a Lodge When Hunting For Boar

Boar Hunting

If you haven’t yet gone boar hunting, you should put it at or near the top of your hunting bucket list. Hunting for boar is an experience unlike any other and will help you broaden your horizons as a hunter. Consider staying at a lodge when you hunt for boar, too. Take a look at… Read more »

Ignore These Turkey Hunting Myths

Turkey Hunting Myths

If you haven’t had the opportunity to hunt turkeys before, it’s may be easy to fall for some of the myths surrounding turkey hunts. These myths could very well prevent you from having a successful turkey hunt the first time you go hunting for turkeys. It’s a good idea to learn about the different myths… Read more »

What Should New Turkey Hunters Know?

New Turkey Hunters

Preparing to go on your first turkey hunting trip? Before you get going, there are some things that you should know about hunting turkeys. It can be very exciting to bag your first turkey, but it can also be a struggle if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing. Check out some tips below… Read more »

Keep an Eye on These Potential Hunting Changes Coming to Pennsylvania

Hunting Changes in Pennsylvania

In 2019, there was one major hunting change that was made that still has many hunters reeling. The first day of the firearms season was moved from the Monday after Thanksgiving to the Saturday after Thanksgiving for the first time since 1962. It shook a lot of hunters to their core. And there could be… Read more »

How to Dress for Cold Hunting Weather

Hunting in Cold Weather

At this time of the year, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid cold weather when hunting. While you might get lucky and go out to hunt on a mild day, you should always prepare for the worst when it comes to hunting in the wintertime. As such, it’s important to know to dress to stay… Read more »

Are Rams and Bighorn Sheep the Same Thing?

Rocky Mountain Rams and Bighorn Sheep

You’ve probably heard people talk about hunting rams before. You’ve probably also heard them discuss hunting bighorn sheep. However, what you may not have realized is that rams and bighorn sheep are essentially one and the same. Rams are male bighorn sheep, which means you can use those terms interchangeably when you’re speaking to someone… Read more »

What You May Not Know About Rocky Mountain Rams

Rocky Mountain Rams

Based on their name alone, you know at least one thing about Rocky Mountain Rams–the vast majority of them live in—you guessed it—the Rocky Mountains in states like Wyoming, New Mexico, and, of course, Colorado. But unless you have extensive experience hunting Rocky Mountain Rams, there are a lot of other interesting facts about them… Read more »

Keep This Advice in Mind When Hunting Rocky Mountain Rams

Rocky Mountain Ram Hunting

If you don’t live in a place like New Mexico, Wyoming, or Colorado, you might not think that you’ll ever get the opportunity to hunt for Rocky Mountain Rams. However, the truth is you can hunt for them in certain parts of Pennsylvania if you want. Before you do though, there are some things you… Read more »