Boar Hunting Tips

For those who have never been on a boar hunt, you’re missing out. It’s one of the most exciting hunts one can go on. The animals are fast, wild and can be challenging to harvest.

The best thing about boar hunting, though, might be the great meat.

But like I said before, taking down a boar might seem easy because of their size, but these feisty hogs don’t go down easy, and their sense of smell make it very challenging for hunters to get close.

Let’s take a look some tips you want to keep in mind when going on your Pennsylvania boar hunt.

Be scent-free — This is a no-brainer when it comes to hunting any animal, but especially boars. They’re pigs. They have a great sense of smell. So keeping the wind blowing at your face is vitally important.

Be on target — The smaller the target, the smaller the kill zone. Boars are tough little suckers and if you don’t hit it at the right spot, he could survive, or at least make it difficult to find when he scurries in the deep brush. It’s better to hit the animal low and in the front rather than high and behind. Front shoulder is always a good target. Bow or rifle, a steady hand is definitely needed.

And be careful too. If you miss your shot, these animals get angry, not scared, when fired upon.

Hogs are pigs — What does this mean? Well they like to eat. Boars will eat grass, nuts, berries, really anything. Lot of times feeders are a great way to attract boars then it’s time to stalk from there.

Let’s hope we can continue to hunt boars in Pennsylvania. There was a motion to eliminate wild boar hunting in the state on ranches like ours, making it so we couldn’t import boars to hunt. The Game Commission is trying to put boar hunting ranches out of business.

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