Corsican Rams: A Hidden Hunting Trophy Gem

Did you know that Corsican rams are a hybrid sheep? They originated in the great state of Texas around the same time as the Texas Dall sheep.

Hunting Corsican Rams Requires Patience and Stamina

Corsican rams are one of the most hunted exotic animals in the country. Want a challenge? Do you have patience and stamina? Then you might want to hunt down these rams with their tightly curled horns and long beards known as “ruffs.”

What do you get when you combine Mouflon sheep with Barbados Blackbelly sheep? You get Corsican rams.

Corsican Ram Horns Are Great Hunting Trophies!

Why do hunters love them? Well, their horns make for quite the attractive mount. Typical horns range from 14 to 35 inches. The horns can weigh up to 30 pounds or so! Corsican rams’ horns may curl or take on a spiral shape.

Be careful around Corsican rams because they can become wildly aggressive. If you see two males butting heads, don’t intervene!

When are Corsican rams most active? Typically, they’re active early or later in the day, preferring to take shelter and rest during the midday temperature peak when it’s hottest. If you’re hunting Corsican rams on hot days, look for them near water as they’re probably thirsty and seeking out a water source to keep cool. They could also be on hilltops to catch a cool breeze. And if it’s raining out? Look for them hiding in ravines.

As grass eaters, Corsican rams are grazers… they’ll eat lots of grass and an occasional leaf, but not much else.

Mating season for Corsican rams takes place in August or September. It takes males about a year and half to mature after birth, which usually takes place in January, February or March.

If you bother a Corsican ram, expect it to join up with a herd quickly and form a tight flock. They’ll then move as a group. Keep in mind they have keen eyesight– they’ll likely see you before you see them!

At Tioga Boar Hunting in Pennsylvania, you’ll likely find Corsican rams with fully curled horns– they’re a true prize for mounting! Guided hunts typically last one or two days and include lodging, meals and a guide. For more info, call us at 570-835-5341.