Here’s What Deer Hunters May Be Doing Wrong

Are you a deer hunter or know someone who is? What are some things deer hunters do wrong?

Hunter With Red Stag Deer

Not Enough Deer Hunting Practice

For starters, a lot of deer hunters just don’t practice enough. When deer hunting season comes around, they haven’t touched their gun in months and they just expect to go out on the land and kill the first buck they see, easily. It’s not like that! It’s best to get comfortable with your gun or bow several weeks or even months before you plan to use it to hunt actual deer. You have to do things like check your zero or switch to a new round. It’s important to practice shooting in order to build up your confidence and help engrain muscle memory as well.

Some Deer Hunters Over Scout

Some hunters make the mistake of checking trail cameras too often, in person, thereby leaving their scent and possibly spooking nearby deer if they’re visiting there too much. The same goes for too much scouting– if a hunter scouts too much, they’ll probably spook bucks out of the area! Hunters who scout need to be stealthy. With that in mind, plan an access route– be able to access the hunting stand using a dry creek bed, steering clear of food sources and bedding areas so as not to push deer out of the area.

Not Wearing Proper Hunting Attire

What about clothing? Novice deer hunters make the mistake of dressing in clothes that, when they get wet, stay wet and make the person feel cold. Or they don’t wear warm enough socks… or they have on boots that they just bought– which hurt their feet. Ideally, dress in layers, and take off layers when it’s warmer or put them back on when it’s colder.

Not Being Properly Equipped

Some deer hunters forget their equipment, so they find themselves in a situation where they could shoot and kill a deer but they don’t have what they need– ugh! That said, make a checklist and check it twice before hunting deer.

Finally, deer hunters have to watch their scent– they don’t want to smell in such a way that alerts deer that humans are nearby. Using scent-elimination products diligently can help!

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