Sika Deer: A History of this Unique Animal in the U.S.

Have you ever noticed a mature deer that hasn’t lost its spots? You may have spotted a unique sika deer.

Sika deer – also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer – are plentiful here in the woods at Tioga Ranch. However, before you go, it’s useful to know how this deer from half a world away ended up in the woods of the continental U.S.

What Makes Sika Deer Unique?

Sika deer are very unique because they don’t lose the typical adolescent spots during adulthood. You might see different types of fawns with spots, but you won’t see adult whitetails or stags with spots. Sika deer, though, feature these distinct markings throughout their lives, making them easy to identify.

According to the Encyclopedia of Life, sika deer are native to eastern Asia, including China and Japan. In fact, they are still very abundantly found in the wooded areas of Japan. They were introduced to the Philippines most likely in ancient times, and later brought to Europe where they eventually made their way to the Americas throughout the course of colonialism and the rise of trade economies.

Activity Levels of Sika Deer

Spotted deer typically are most active at night, like many other deer species, and prefer to stay in heavily wooded areas. They’re not big fans of the snow, so they tend to live in warmer environments at lower sea levels. They are also very much a herd animal and live in groups. Their lifespan is usually about 15 years, but they’ve been known to live as long as 25 in captivity.

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