The Fourth of July and Hunting Are American Traditions

How was your Fourth of July weekend? We hope it was filled with fun, food, and a rousing sense of patriotism. We should love our country every day of the week. It is the greatest country on earth, but it’s nice to parcel out a few days out of the year to really let your patriotism soar.

So, what did you do this holiday weekend? Did you get to hang out with family and friends? Did you get the opportunity to do any hunting? We at Tioga Boar Hunting are proud to be American and believe that hunting and conservation is in this country’s blood and has always been. It’s a fact of life and will always be the case, which means that we must uphold these traditions.

There’s just something about getting out of the house or your tent in the wee hours of the dawn, strapping on your gear, and hitting that field or woods. That sense of freedom is intoxicating, and was the same freedom that our forefathers felt when they first stepped foot onto this land. It’s the kind of freedom that makes you love life to the core, the kind of freedom that sweeps your body up into the air and lets you float over this beautiful land seeing everything and everyone worth fighting for. It’s a religious experience! There’s no other way to really describe it.

Like we said, we hope you had an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend and took the time out of your busy schedules to honor and appreciate this great country, if only for a night. Did the fireworks remind you of the thrill and excitement of hunting? Did the summer air get your motor running, making you want to book your next hunting trip? If that’s the case, contact us today and book a hunting trip. We’ll show you the glory that is Pennsylvania hunting – as exciting as fireworks.