Wild Boar Hunting in Pennsylvania

Sometimes, even seasoned hunters are taken aback when they learn about tracking and catching wild boar. Many hunters may be more familiar with the techniques and equipment required to take down a buck or even game birds. Still, our professional hunting staff here at Tioga Boar Hunting knows that feral swine offers one of the most challenging hunting experiences available.

Now is a great time to find out more about boar hunting and maybe even experience it for yourself, as this article published by The St. James Leader Journal argues. Over the past two decades, populations of wild boar have been exploding all over the nation. As of 2006, about 4 million feral swine roamed the countryside of America and Canada, although about half of those reside in the state of Texas.

Hunters who track down these feral swine are often providing a service to local agriculture and many other individuals. It’s estimated that wild hogs create about $50 million in property damages every year, especially on farm and ranch properties. Another $410 million is spent annually on programs and equipment that can help control swine populations.

Wild boar is a game creature which is very entrenched in America, and no one’s getting worried about overhunting this animal any day soon. A deer rifle or even just a handgun is often enough to take down a wild boar. However, hunters must use caution around these animals as they are very tough and may require more than one shot to bring them down. Make sure that your shot counts when tracking wild boar.

Boar is just one of the many game hunting options you’ll have when you schedule your next hunting expedition at Tioga Boar Hunting. Our decades of experience in hunting wild game will help you greatly increase your own hunting success when you hit the trail with our staff.