A Good Hunting Economy in Pennsylvania

You need a healthy current roster of certified hunters in order to maintain a good hunting economy within a state. We’ve experienced a long, proud history of hunting here in the state of Pennsylvania. In recent days, that reputation has taken a bit of a pounding as the numbers of outdoorsmen getting their hunting certification has dwindled significantly.

In 2013, a major push to increase the amount of Pennsylvania certified hunters seems to have paid off in a big way. According to this article published by TribLIVE.com, the official website for The Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, almost 41,000 people successfully completed the hunter-trapper course offered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

In no way will that number of students equal 40,000 new hunting licenses; statistics show that only a percentage of students who complete the course obtain a license afterwards. Usually, only two-thirds of these students will go and obtain the proper licenses and certifications to hunt or fish within Pennsylvania.

The state is trying a couple of pilot programs for the past year or two that helped to drive student registration for hunter education classes to its highest point in a decade. A $200,000 capital project for a data mining machine to be operated at Penn State will collect information about licensure and certification statistics that may be useful to the state.

For example, an adjustment in times when these classes are usually offered seems to be a big reason for the increased interest. Data collection by the state’s game commission found that there were more Internet searches and general interest in hunting classes during the fall months, although classes have been typically held during the offseason, when hunting instructors have more time but students are less willing to register. Data analysis was also able to find regions of Pennsylvania where interest was greater, allowing the game commission to offer more classes in those areas.


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