Choosing a Hunting Backpack

The right equipment for a hunt is nearly as essential as having a plentiful field and an experienced guide to a successful hunt. Choosing a hunting backpack, especially for bowhunters, can be overwhelming, but we’ve broken it down into a few criteria to assure you get the right pack for your style.

Keep in mind your target animal. You wouldn’t use the same pack for a multiple day Elk hunt that you would for hunting whitetail from a treestand.

This is your pack and it should fit your body type. Make sure the suspension system is sturdy and that the backpack matches your torso length. There’s not a lot that’s more uncomfortable than wearing a pack all day that was made for someone with a longer or shorter torso than you.

Compartments are important for keeping everything organized and quickly within reach. For bowhunters, being able to strap your bow to the outside of the pack is a huge advantage. Any pack that comes with extra belt support compartments is automatically bumped up on my list.

Internal frame packs are great because they conform to your body and allow you to keep better balance on the field. However, external frame packs hold heavy weight well and are great for carrying meat back off your hunt. These packs also allow ventilation between padding and your back, whereas internal frame packs hold in the heat. This decision is all about personal hunting style.

After you’ve picked up your gear, call Tioga Boar Hunting in Tioga PA to test it out. Just like having the right pack, having the right guide and field will help you hunt harder!