Hunting Boars with Dogs

We all know hogs have been causing trouble for the past decade, with rooting up preservation areas and damaging crops and even building materials. They have been a menace for a lot of people, which is why Hillsborough County has happily enjoyed a number of people who paid to be able to hunt the boars… Read more »

Men Hunt and Eat Infected Boar

Three individuals this week learned the cost of consuming boars out in the wild, without even hunting in the wild. Although these men had to learn the hard way that parasites are no joke when it comes to boar hunting, it gives the chance to evaluate the risks and issues in the health department when… Read more »

Queensland Pig Hunting Championship

  The Queensland Pig Hunting Championship received a bit of flack recently about whether the practices and the entire championship was simply cruel considering over 300 pigs were killed during the event. The organizer of the Championship specifically stated in response to the outcries that all the entrants, regardless of what tools they used, resorted… Read more »

New York Ban on Wild Boar Hunting

  New York decided back at the beginning of 2014 that they didn’t want hunters assisting the state with removing the invasive boar species that has been plaguing the state and other areas of the US for some time now. It seems odd that a state would want to ban the hunting of an animal… Read more »

Wild Boar Hunting in Pennsylvania

Sometimes, even seasoned hunters are taken aback when they learn about tracking and catching wild boar. Many hunters may be more familiar with the techniques and equipment required to take down a buck or even game birds. Still, our professional hunting staff here at Tioga Boar Hunting knows that feral swine offers one of the… Read more »

Deer Archery Season in Pennsylvania

Welcome to archery hunting season! October 4th marked the start of deer archery season in Pennsylvania. There have been some changes in restrictions this year, implemented by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. One of the largest changes is a decrease in antlerless (doe) licenses in most regions. This is actually an answer to hunter requests to… Read more »

The Tioga Hunting Lodge

Whenever hunters and outdoor enthusiasts visit the properties of Tioga Boar Hunting, they’re taken aback by the incredible mix of luxury and natural splendor. As all of our guests come to find out eventually, an excursion on our hunting grounds may bring you closer to Mother Nature, but it certainly couldn’t be called “roughing it.”… Read more »

The Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease

If you plan to hunt in other states besides Pennsylvania this season, you should be aware of the ways you can help to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease. As always, when you travel to another region to do your hunting, there are certain regulations you have to keep in mind. Before returning to… Read more »

Are Pennsylvania’s State Game Lands Public Property?

Some people have wondered lately whether Pennsylvania’s State Game Lands should be considered public property. While many people have tried to present a case for this, the fact is that these lands are not public for a few reasons. No matter where you fall on this debate, there are some details that should not be… Read more »

Pennsylvania Hunting Season is in Full Swing

Labor Day has come and gone and hunting season is in full swing across the state. Both Canada Goose and Dove hunting hours run from noon to sunset until September 25. After that date, you can still hunt dove until November 15, but the hours change from a half hour to before sunrise to sunset…. Read more »