Hunting’s Popularity is on the Rise in America

Hunting has been a difficult subject to talk about in our society, and it has been much maligned by citizens residing across the country. A focus on gun safety and other national debates have created a somewhat negative atmosphere surrounding hunting, leading many to see it in biased terms. However, a resurgence in popular support… Read more »

Sundays = Church, Football and Hunting?

As we recently announced on our blog, some exciting legislative developments are allowing us to continue to offer you the best boar hunting experience around. PA Senate Bill 644 established wild boar hunting as legal for hunters within the state. Now, one group is trying to reduce traditional barriers to Sunday hunting that have existed… Read more »

We’re not going anywhere!

On Monday June 24, Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law a bill that will put wild hog hunting in Pennsylvania under the umbrella of the Department of Agriculture and out of the hands of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who wanted to ban the importation of wild boars.   This means we’re able to continue to… Read more »

Boar hunting meal

If boar hunting wasn’t so challenging and fun, the best part would be eating your prize. After all, boars are wild pigs and pigs are pork, and who doesn’t love pork? My mouth is starting to water already. Slow cooking pork makes for the best meals. Think of ribs, or a full pig roast. The… Read more »

More positives than negatives when it comes to PA Wild Boar Preserves

Feral pigs have been a big topic of discussion lately in Pennsylvania. Some people want to rid our Wild Boar reserve in Pennsylvania because the fear of hogs getting loose and becoming a nuisance. These people who think hogs are escaping any one of the 26 hunting preserves in Pennsylvania are wrong. There are over… Read more »

Big vote coming up on wild boar regulation

At first, the state wanted to take away our wild boars, now thanks to state senator Joe Scarnati, our feral pigs at the hunting preserve have a chance to stay.   A bill was recently passes in the Pennsylvania State Senate by a 32-18 count that would establish captive feral swine, like that on Tioga… Read more »

Welcome to Tioga Ranch’s Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to Tioga Ranch’s new website and blog! Here we will discuss our hunting trips, the animals available to harvest on our ranch, tips for going on our hunts and much, much more. We’re here to not only inform you of ways to have the best hunt, but keep you abreast of… Read more »