The Legalization of Semiautomatics in Pennsylvania

Believe it or not, Pennsylvania is in the minority when it comes to using semiautomatic rifles, including weaponry like an AR-15, for hunting. Pennsylvania and Delaware are the only two states in the country that prohibit the use of semiautomatic rifles. That may soon change with the passing of three bills – House Bill 2333,… Read more »

Legal, Exciting and Natural Hunting Experiences in Pennsylvania

Bensalem’s Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) just filed a civil suit against Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) in Federal Court for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. This is most certainly not the first suit filed in the decades-long war on pigeon hunting in Pennsylvania, but it is one of the first where a… Read more »

Radio Collars and Ear Tags

As technology becomes more advanced, our hunting game improves. By using radio collars and ear tags, chief deer biologist Chris Rosenberry was able to study a population of 2,600 deer in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania region and the movements of several herds.   He collected some predictable data, supplementing what hunters have known for years with… Read more »

Choosing a Hunting Backpack

The right equipment for a hunt is nearly as essential as having a plentiful field and an experienced guide to a successful hunt. Choosing a hunting backpack, especially for bowhunters, can be overwhelming, but we’ve broken it down into a few criteria to assure you get the right pack for your style. Keep in mind… Read more »

Changes to Pennsylvania Hunting Regulations

We love a long hunting season here at Tioga Boar Hunting. Any time we get an extra chance to take to the wilderness and track live game, we feel our pulse start to rush. Recently, we’ve just heard some exciting news about the possibility of even more time to hunt deer in the state of… Read more »

A Good Hunting Economy in Pennsylvania

You need a healthy current roster of certified hunters in order to maintain a good hunting economy within a state. We’ve experienced a long, proud history of hunting here in the state of Pennsylvania. In recent days, that reputation has taken a bit of a pounding as the numbers of outdoorsmen getting their hunting certification… Read more »

2014: A Big Year for Pennsylvania Hunters

2013 was a strange year for hunters, a mixture of positivity and negativity. Between the government shutdown and financial troubles, many hunters didn’t know whether they were coming or going. However, hunting in 2013 wasn’t all that negative; there were a lot of good things that happened, especially in Pennsylvania, one of which is the… Read more »

From Top to Bottom, Pennsylvania is Excellent at Wildlife Management

Now that the shutdown is finally over, October hunting can finally begin for many Americans who were forced to put trips on hold. It is an exciting time, to say the least, as October is typically a bustling month for hunters all across the country. The shutdown has only added to the buildup, creating a… Read more »

Shutting Down the National Wildlife Refuge System

The fall months are a prime time for hunters and anglers across America to visit public wildlife refuges and bring home a fair amount of game. However, the federal government has put a moratorium on all of these activities thanks to the recent government shutdown. This has put thousands of hunters out of commission and… Read more »

What is Chronic Wasting Disease?

The state of Pennsylvania offers large tracts of land where resident and nonresident hunters alike can track and hunt all sorts of game, such as deer, boar and many more creatures. However, an experienced hunter knows that there are many safety considerations to take into account before grabbing a gun and heading out into the… Read more »