Best Bear Management Plans in the Country

Did you know that the state of Maine has one of the best bear management plans in the country? Bear hunting and careful population management has yielded great results, but the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) may soon be bringing that to an end. First, a little bit of background on this issue…. Read more »

American Hunters Honored in Germany

Hunting in the United States and Germany may have more in common than you might think. In fact, hunting is an honored tradition in Germany and recently fifteen Americans were awarded German hunting certificates. These certificates were given out at a special ceremony that was the culmination of a three-month long hunting course. Throughout these… Read more »

Hunting Drones in Pennsylvania?

  If you have been thinking about getting your hands on a drone to assist during your next hunt, think again. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have recently introduced Senate Bill 1332, a law that would ban the use of drones by hunters or anyone looking to disturb other hunters or wildlife.   While there have been… Read more »

Canada Geese in Pennsylvania

  There are a few ways to tell that the new hunting season is upon us. One of the telltale signs is the usually cool summer mornings that mimic the feel of autumn. With cooler temperatures, dew on the grass, and a light fog in the air, it almost feels like hunting season has begun…. Read more »

Pennsylvania Antlerless Deer Licenses

  Here at Tioga Boar Hunting, we want to let our blog readers know about an intriguing new opportunity to hunt game here in the rural wilderness of Pennsylvania. If hunters in our state act quickly, they may be able to be licensed to track down and bring home antlerless deer.   As this article… Read more »

Pennsylvania Game Commission Workshops

In our last post, we briefly touched upon the seminars sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. With this post, we want to go a little more in depth, as there are many workshops coming up.   On July 21 and 22, the workshop is called “WILD about Mammals.” This particular workshop is aimed at students… Read more »

Acquiring a Pennsylvania Hunting License

There’s that old Spiderman saying – “With great power comes great responsibility.” The same can be applied to acquiring your Pennsylvania hunting license. If you plan to purchase the license, you’ll also need to make plans to attend a Hunter-Trapper Education course, as per the Pennsylvania Game Commission.   Classes are available in different parts… Read more »

It’s Time to Take Game of Any Size on Sundays

Pennsylvania is one of only 11 states that currently prohibit hunting on Sundays. In an effort to overturn that law, Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH) filed a suit against the Pennsylvania Game Commission asking courts to end the antiquated “blue law” that prohibits taking game of any size on Sundays. Federal Judge Yvette Kane,… Read more »

The Legalization of Semiautomatics in Pennsylvania

Believe it or not, Pennsylvania is in the minority when it comes to using semiautomatic rifles, including weaponry like an AR-15, for hunting. Pennsylvania and Delaware are the only two states in the country that prohibit the use of semiautomatic rifles. That may soon change with the passing of three bills – House Bill 2333,… Read more »

Legal, Exciting and Natural Hunting Experiences in Pennsylvania

Bensalem’s Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) just filed a civil suit against Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) in Federal Court for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. This is most certainly not the first suit filed in the decades-long war on pigeon hunting in Pennsylvania, but it is one of the first where a… Read more »