A Macro View of Hunting and Hunters

If you take a macro view of hunting, you’ll discover that there are pretty much three types of hunters. Which category do you fall into? Food Source Most hunters are utilitarian meat hunters. They were raised in rural areas where they or their neighbors probably raised animals, sometimes for slaughter. They probably had a dad… Read more »

What Boars Are Known For

What is a Boar Known For? If you read the headline “Pop superstar Shakira attacked by wild boars,” you’d probably assume that was a fake headline. But it was/is true! She and her eight-year-old son were walking in a park in Barcelona, Spain, recently, when two boars attacked her, taking her bag and then retreating… Read more »

Hunting’s Important Role in Modern Society

Hunting plays an important role in modern society. Conservation For starters, hunting helps support conservation efforts. The money collected from hunting licenses and fees, as well as tax money from the sale of firearms, ammo and archery equipment, goes toward the conservation of wildlife, helping protect wild animals and their natural habitats from being totally… Read more »

Pennsylvania Recently Celebrated National Hunting and Fishing Day

Pennsylvania recently celebrated National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 25. This day, established by Congress in 1971, is a chance to recognize how important hunting and fishing are to both the people and the economy of Pennsylvania as well as the U.S.A. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said, “Hunting and angling offer participants an opportunity… Read more »

Here’s How to Cook Delicious Venison

At Tioga Ranch, you have the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer. When you get their meat home, it’s time to cook up some “venison,” which is the word for deer meat. When cooking venison, don’t treat it like beef from the supermarket! Otherwise, you’re apt to wind up with it tasting tough and chewy. Tips… Read more »

Changes to Pennsylvania Deer Hunting

It’s time to talk about some changes to Pennsylvania deer hunting this year. Unfortunately, CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) is still spreading across the country. CWD can take over a year for symptoms to show… like drastic weight loss, stumbling, and listlessness. It’s fatal to animals and there are no treatments or vaccines. Therefore, Pennsylvania is… Read more »

Pick the Right Snacks For Your Next Hunting Trip

So you’re packing for a trip, and on this trip you’ll be hunting in the woods… What should you pack for snacks? Hunters spend a lot of time on the land, far from stores and civilization. That means they carry with them a backpack of supplies, including certain foods and drinks to keep hydrated and… Read more »

Whitetail Deer Hunting Scouting Tips

At Tioga Ranch, you can hunt several animals including whitetail deer. What are some whitetail scouting tips? Find the Right Cover If you’re on the hunt for mature bucks, where might they be? Generally, mature bucks like to find the thickest (and nastiest) cover they can find. So, that means you want to hunt “unhuntable… Read more »

What Constitutes Big Game Hunting?

You’ve probably heard the term “big game hunting.” Does it involve hunting squirrels or raccoons? Nope. Big game hunting refers to hunting large, wild animals for sport. So what animals qualify as “big game?” Animals like moose, elk, caribou, reindeer, musk oxen, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, pronghorn, wild boar, and bear qualify. Some states… Read more »