Things to Know About Black Hawaiian Rams

Are you looking to hunt the rare Black Hawaiian Ram? You can find them at Tioga Ranch in Tioga, PA. With their wide horns, they’re an exceptional prize. Tioga offers guided hunts to help you find trophy Black Hawaiian Rams. Tioga also offers quality lodging and meals, and, if you want, we’ll skin and butcher… Read more »

Should I Go Deer or Elk Hunting?

What’s easier to hunt– deer or elk? Most hunters and guides agree deer are easier to hunt… Oftentimes elk hunting is a step up from deer hunting in the sense that a hunter graduates to hunting elk after they’ve mastered their deer hunting skills.  Elk Hunting Versus Deer Hunting Elk are usually found in challenging… Read more »

Here’s Why Staying at a Lodge is Perfect For Novice Boar Hunters

There are three ways to go to college these days. There’s living on campus, commuting, or doing most of it “online,” from a computer. Now think about hunting… you could play hunting video games, but it’s not the same as the real thing, right? And you could go somewhere for a couple hours and hunt,… Read more »

Hunting in the Wilderness is the Solace We Need Right Now

The pressures of modern life are exhausting, aren’t they? Besides nagging spouses and noisy kids, there’s your job, which usually comes with its fair share of stress, as well as the daily news, which, if we’re being honest, is enough to get a person’s blood boiling with rage. Okay, so when’s the last time you… Read more »

Here’s How You Can Layer Up For Winter Hunts

When it’s time for winter hunts, it’s a good idea to layer up. Obviously, you don’t want to wear too many clothes that they’d interfere with the job at hand, right? But it is smart to layer clothing in such a way that you’re warm when you need to be warm and cool when you… Read more »

The Things You Need for a Corsican Ram Hunt

Are you excited about going on a Corsican ram hunt at the Tioga Ranch? What are some things you’ll need for this type of hunt? Get Your Mind and Body Right First, you’ll want to prepare your mind and body for the hunt. You’ll want to get in the mindset of “I can overcome adversity”… Read more »

Come Armed With Information When Hunting Corsican Rams

What are some key things to remember when hunting Corsican rams at Tioga Boar Hunting in Pennsylvania? These animals aren’t found in abundance in the United States. Hunting opportunities are limited. Demand exceeds supply. If you do “get one,” you’re among a privileged few! Corsican Ram Breeding Time Breeding time is from late fall to… Read more »

Corsican Rams: A Hidden Hunting Trophy Gem

Did you know that Corsican rams are a hybrid sheep? They originated in the great state of Texas around the same time as the Texas Dall sheep. Hunting Corsican Rams Requires Patience and Stamina Corsican rams are one of the most hunted exotic animals in the country. Want a challenge? Do you have patience and… Read more »